Why is it superior to traditional bunker liner systems?

Unlike other liner systems, the strength and stability of the Matrix System allows the use of heavy equipment like mechanical rakes without risk of damage, while remaining flexible enough to withstand freeze-thaw pressures. Additionally, the system’s high porosity allows for an unprecedented level of drainage capability, resulting in quicker return to play after heavy rain and longer bunker life with lower maintenance requirements.

Unlike fabric liners, or aggregate based polymer products, the Matrix Liner is composed of a material proven to last for years, if not decades. No other alternative liner can compare to the structural strength provided with Matrix.

How fast will water drain through the asphalt layer?
Drainage within the completed bunker system is limited to the working infiltration rate of the sand used, and the contaminant level in the sand. The Matrix liner will not be limiting factors in drainage rates.
Why won’t freeze / thaw cycles affect the Matrix?
Freeze and thaw damage can occur with the natural expansion and contraction of rigid materials between freezing and warming conditions. The high porosity and pliability of the asphalt used in the Matrix System allows the material to expand and contract without damage to the liner system.
Is there a risk that the Matrix liner will become plugged over time, slowing the drainage rate?

The risk of plugging is very low because the Matrix liner is sandwiched between the bunker sand layer and the base gravel underneath. Bunker sand acts as a natural filter, holding contaminates in the sand layer and away from the asphalt liner (similar to the principle used for pool sand filters). Eventual contamination and sand replacement is a normal process as golf course bunkers naturally age. The Matrix liner, however, should not be affected.

What cost savings can I expect to see on maintaining these bunkers compared to my existing bunkers?
Cost savings will vary among golf courses, but the ROI on a Matrix project should be 4-5 years in labor savings.
Can I use existing maintenance staff for installation?
We know that using in-house staff to save money is important to many operations, and can be the difference between a project being approved or shelved. Customers are encouraged to perform all or part of the installation themselves, saving money and providing project flexibility. Our staff will assist in assuring the club is prepared for doing self-installations.
Is the asphalt used for these applications available in my geographic area?
The specific asphalt needed for the Matrix liner requires strict adherence to patented specifications. Part of the service offered with the Matrix System includes locating and verifying the closest potential supplier for a given project who can meet these specifications and specific material delivery requirements.